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Jordie van Rijn
Jordie van Rijn  |  13.04.2015

Stop sendig static newsletters

Jordie van Rijn’s answer to the question “Where is email marketing heading to?” Using the right techniques, everybody is able to send dynamic email.
In preparation of the European email and data driven marketing conference DialogSummit April 28, 2015, several experts were asked to comment current topics. Here is Jordie van Rijn’s answer:

I think that adding automated dynamics to email will be a next challenge / tactic in the forward-thinking email marketers toolbox.

Email marketing is far past being a static channel, real-time dynamic emails can add the competitive edge. A lot of companies continue to send static email marketing newsletters, these have their merits, but there is a lot more to be gained for the possibilities that dynamic email marketing offers for 1:1 tailored messages are almost endless.

With the right choice of marketing automation or email marketing software and using the right techniques, everybody is able to send very dynamic email. And if the in-house team can use some experience there is such a thing as a creature as a specialist email marketing agency to parachute in and develop tackle the technical or marketing challenges.

In short; these days there are no excuses left for only sending “stale mail”.

Critical topics you need to address to come to a solid deployment:

Which forms of communication email are available to me?
Which data, marketing systems and integrations need to be in place?
What are hurdles and incremental gains of introducing dynamic email?

Yes it comes back to data, with a focus on value add per datapoint.

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10 Prozent der erwünschten Mailings werden versehentlich als Spam eingestuft. Lernen Sie, wie Ihre Mails auch wirklich in der Inbox ankommen.

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