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NEXT Conference 2017

21.09.2017 - 22.09.2017 | Hamburg | Kongress
Rund 1.300 Digitalentscheider diskutieren über digitale Trends, Nutzerbedürfnisse und Geschäftsmodelle der Zukunft
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on September 21 & 22!

Impuls, Experience, Clubkultur – in drei Stufen gibt die NEXT ihren Teilnehmern Anreize für die digitale Transformation. Internationale Keynotes zu globalen Trends an den Vormittagen, Experten-Workshops und Networking an den Nachmittagen und abends die Möglichkeit, auf dem Hamburger Kiez den kreativen Spirit des Reeperbahn Festivals aufzusaugen.


More than 10 years ago, we founded NEXT Conference to spread the gospel about the digital revolution, a revolution that transforms marketing by shifting power to the consumer at an ever-increasing speed.

Ten years later, we’re convinced that this transformation is far from finished. Oftentimes, digital products simply don’t live up to their promises, leaving users in a kind of limbo between overpromise and underdelivery. That’s why we say: digital sucks! It’s the theme of NEXT17.

We follow the thesis that we live in kind of a beta world. Many digital products and services never really seem finished. With one updating we are awaiting the next one. Or is this all related to our high expectations? Let’s find this out together with our great speakers