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ClickZ: Steht die Clickrate in Abhängigkeit zum Type der Email Kampagne?

Call to Action bringt immer auch mehr „Action“ mit sich. Auf welche Email-Typen reagieren die Empfänger am besten?
10.01.12 | Interessanter Artikel bei ClickZ

Epsilon and the EEC have defined six message types which are:

- Marketing. Straight promotional email: sole purpose of the message is to drive a purchase (or in some cases, generate a lead that can drive to the purchase).

- Service. Transactional email messages, relating to a new email sign-up, an order, or some other issue involving a recent action (may and should include some marketing calls to action).

- Editorial. Messages that include content that provides value to the reader without a purchase (may and should also include some marketing calls to action).

- Acquisition. Email message to someone who doesn't have a pre-existing relationship with the sender or whose relationship with the sender is very casual (for instance, someone that drops a business card in a jar at a trade show booth).

- Research. Email sent to gather opinions via surveys.

- Other. Anything that doesn't fall into one of the other categories.