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memeburn: Email-Zustellung - Eine Herausforderung

Nur 81% der weltweit gesendeten Emails haben im 2011 ihre Ziele auch tatsächlich erreicht!
14.02.12 | Interessanter Artikel bei memeburn

Email delivery is a highly important consideration; after all, nobody can click on a link in an email they never see. Unfortunately though, there are a number of obstacles each email must overcome before reaching its intended destination, ideally avoiding the spam folder of course.

According to Return Path‘s Global Email Deliverability Benchmark Report for 2011, only 81% of global email reaches the inbox. Email deliverability in the Unites States is the highest with about 86% of emails making it to the intended recipient, but marketers can still move the needle a lot higher by understanding the process and by taking responsibility for where emails land.