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Doch wie identifiziert man diese Inhalte? Schauen Sie doch mal über den Tellerrand…
22.02.12 | Interessanter Artikel bei Mass Transmit

We’ve written recently about list building, mobile and social email as well as email design and production. But what can you do outside the email to create better, more effective email campaigns?

Here are 6 things we recommend that take place more or less outside the email but nonetheless work to increase the relevance of your email campaign and serve to increase clicks, reduce churn and reconnect with inactive or lost subscribers.

1. Survey Your Customers
The best way to find out what your email subscribers want is to ask them. Our emails would be better if they… The thing you like most about our emails is… Find out the answer by asking your subscribers. You can do a survey, engage fewer customers in a focus group, or just ask some of your smarter customers.