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AWeber: Je besser Sie Ihren Abonnenten kennenlernen, umso erfolgreicher werden auch Ihre Email Kampagnen.

Sie können erst dann relevante und interessante Inhalte liefern, wenn Sie den Empfänger gut kennen. Probieren Sie diese Tipps aus!
24.02.12 | Interessanter Artikel bei AWeber

You’ve heard it a thousand times: you need to send personalized, relevant emails to your subscribers to get the best results. Makes sense. Who likes generic emails that waste time?

There’s proof behind the theory, too. The MarketingSherpa 2011 Email Marketing Benchmark Report found that 99% of marketers surveyed reported that segmenting campaigns based on subscriber behavior was “somewhat to very effective.”

But how do you learn what your subscribers want? How do you determine what behavior to base your segments on? The answer is, you’ll need to get more acquainted with your subscribers, and we’ve got some resources to help you out with that.