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MarketingProfs: Der Wert von Newsletter-Abonnenten: Hat sich der Aufwand gelohnt?

Forrester hat hierfür eine Formel zusammengestellt. Zeitaufwand, Kostenfaktor und die direkten Einnahmen sind die drei Größen.
27.02.12 | Interessanter Artikel bei MarketingProfs

Many interactive marketers rely on email subscriber valuation (ESV) to justify budgets and plan messaging strategies, according to a new report by Forrester Research, which presents a three-step formula for calculating ESV.

In 2008, Forrester introduced an ESV formula to help email marketers determine the relative value of email subscribers. In Forrester’s new report, the research firm offers an updated formula for calculating ESV.

Below, a synopis of the new ESV formula, issued by Forrester:

1. Find out how much time you have to derive value from a subscriber. Calculate the estimated duration a subscriber will stay engaged with your email program (e.g., opens, clicks, conversions within a given time period), then subtract each subscriber’s current time-on-file from her projected engaged tenure to determine the time remaining for engagement.