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16.03.12 | Interessanter Artikel bei Yesmail

Michael Sebastian at recently released an article mentioning a Baydin study that identified the 7 words to avoid using in an email subject line. Those 7 words are: Confirm, Join, Assistance, Speaker, Press, Social, and Invite. As it becomes harder to reach your customer’s inbox, understanding different variables in your strategic email marketing will be essential to your success.

Let’s speculate as to why those particular 7 words seem to be least effective. Words like Join, Confirm and Invite often pertain to attending an event. This could be anything from an on-site conference, a round-table discussion, a product demo, a webinar or any virtual meeting. As an experienced professional in the digital marketing field, I’ve discovered that many people tend to avoid events they learn about only via the email channel. They typically have previous knowledge of the event or they learn about it through multi-channel promotions, reviews, articles or peer recommendations. Even if a recipient knows who the email is from and has signed up for that communication, it is often the case that he/she has no interest in the advertised event unless a word that describes it is in the subject line, and that word relates to something that is of interest to the recipient.