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Clickz: Wie Bounces im Internet gehandelt werden

Dennis Dayman erklärt, was Bounces genau sind und wie sie technisch gehandelt werden.
01.12.11 | Interessanter Artikel bei Clickz

As you might recall, the plan to tackle the broad topic of "How Email Works" was to break it down into the following sections:

How MTAs (mail/message transfer agents) communicate
What is a "bounce"?
How MTAs handle bounces
How bounces can affect a subscriber's status

We left off in the series discussing "What Is a Bounce?" This month, I wanted to talk briefly (yeah, right!) about how bounces are handled in the underbelly of the Internet.

Let's break it down this way.

When you send a postal letter through the United States Postal Service, there are five specific locations that will be crucial to the exchange:

Your mailbox
Your local post office
The road with the postal trucks on it
Your recipient's local post office
Your recipient's mailbox