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Customer Centricity Everywhere? The impact of First Party Data on Advertising

Paul Mudter | 13.09.2018 13:50
Debate Stage: Torsten Ahlers (Otto Group Media), Christian Sauer (Webtrekk), Christian Scholz (Initiative), Anja Stolz (Commerzbank), Paul Mudter (IP)
GDPR and E-Privacy are forcing companies to rely on first party data instead of tracking. Listen to the panelists how they are applying the new data laws by collecting data which is approved by the consumer. However, it´s not only because of the data protection rules that first party data will be the new starlet in the marketing sphere. Data which is owned and pulled by a company itself has much more value then second or third party data. This is why Retail Media and Login-Alliances are on the rise. How is data used to secure true customer centricity? What best case scenarios are there yet and how does this translate into revenue? How can media agencies support? At least, are Germany´s first party owners capable to compete with the login power of the GAFA industry?
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