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Die Text-Version ist für das Email Marketing immer noch relevant! Warum? CampaignMonitor erklärt…
06.03.12 | Interessanter Artikel bei CampaignMonitor

After a few of our customers wrote in recently asking for tips on formatting both text-only campaigns and the text versions of HTML campaigns, we figured it was high time to revisit an oldie, but a goodie – how to make the humble plain-text email look something flash. Given that the app automatically generates a text version whenever you create an HTML email campaign, you can be forgiven for never giving this a second thought. For the die-hards out there that continue to send plain-text emails, formatting can be do-or-die.

But first, a little background. For those who are wondering why text versions are still relevant to HTML email campaigns, it’s because we send all HTML messages as multipart. This means that if an email client doesn’t know how to display an HTML message, it can conveniently fall back to displaying a provided text version of the campaign.