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mailer mailer: Weniger ist auch im Email Marketing mehr!

Ewig lange Newsletter, als würde man Briefe verschicken. Viele wollen es einfach nicht verstehen, dass lange Newsletter nicht durch gelesen werden!
14.03.12 | Interessanter Artikel bei mailer mailer

In general, short and concise emails are better received by list members than lengthy and detailed newsletters. However, on occasion, longer emails can also have a place in the inbox. This email for a water park in Brazil, for instance, is an excellent example of when it’s appropriate to create an email that requires a lot of scrolling. This message is fun, engaging, and certainly an entertaining way to generate interest and build brand awareness. Plus, it clearly communicates their message in a memorable way.

In this instance, the water slide email is effective. However, in most cases, extremely long emails will likely fail to succeed. When an email requires a lot of scrolling and includes a variety of subject matter with no clear singular message, it becomes too burdensome for readers. In today’s fast-paced world, where we are constantly building technology to help us save time and rid ourselves of unwanted clutter, text-heavy emails are likely to get passed over for those that are less complicated and quicker to digest.