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Silverpop: Nutzen Sie die neue Facebook-Timeline, um mehr Abonnenten zu generieren.

Die neue Facebook-Timeline bietet einige neue Möglichkeiten, welche man gut für Adressgenerierung nutzen kann.
30.04.12 | Interessanter Artikel bei Silverpop

The recent Facebook decision to make brand profiles use the timeline view has caused some companies to lose traction on the volume of new email contacts gained through the social network.

The timeline, as the name suggests, is a dynamic element that changes over time, with older posts moving down the page and becoming “invisible” unless the visitor chooses to look at that particular week, month or year in the timeline.

Fortunately, a few quick updates are all that’s required to continue using Facebook as a high source of new opt-ins to your email database.

So, what can be done? First of all, above the timeline there’s a header that never changes position. Within this area is the “Views & Apps” banner, which can contain up to 12 items, distributed in three rows of four.