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ExactTarget: Multi-Channel-Marketing - Facebook und Email sind sich ähnlicher, als Sie denken!

Kombinieren Sie diese beiden Kanäle richtig und Sie erleben „The Power Of Multi-Channel-Marketing“
20.02.12 | Interessanter Artikel bei ExactTarget

Are you managing both your email and social media marketing channels? If not, you should be. In fact, Facebook and Email are a lot more alike than they are different — and when paired together, great things happen:

Consider this:

- 58% of Adults in the U.S. check email first thing in the morning. We learned that from the SFF series.

- People on your Facebook page are already your former, current or future customers

- Facebook and Email share similar metrics. Example: Email Subscribers = Facebook Likes, Email Clicks = Facebook Engaged users
- Facebook and Email share similar content and testing methodologies