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jericho: Ihr guter Ruf im Web ist für die Email-Zustellung wichtiger, als Sie denken!

Warum? Weil auch die NICHT Spam-Emails nicht immer ankommen. ISP’s sortieren fleißig aus…
03.04.12 | Interessanter Artikel bei jericho

Why is Reputation and Deliverability important? Why do you need to know about these things when you just want to send out some emails? And what do these terms mean anyway?

Reputation and Deliverability requires senders to meet strict international best practices for good reasons like anti-spam measures. You might wonder just what issues there could be around delivery. After all, you write an email, you click “send”, and the emails arrive seconds later. However when you send email that goes out to dozens, hundreds or thousands of recipients, not all of those recipients are going to get your email. And deliverability is the guy in-between acting like the bouncer at the club, and he determines who gets your email, or who doesn’t, and why.