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L-Soft’s LISTSERV® Maestro 3.1 Email Marketing Solution Released Today, Introduces Visual Email Analytics

L-Soft's LISTSERV Maestro email marketing software features visual email analytics, a message template management system and A/B split testing
L-Soft Sweden AB | 07.08.2007
L-Soft’s LISTSERV® Maestro 3.1 Email Marketing Solution Released Today, Introduces Visual Email Analytics

Message Template Management System with Ready-to-Use HTML Templates and Advanced Sampling and Testing Functions Also Highlighted in Upgraded Version

Erlangen, August 7, 2007 - LISTSERV Maestro 3.1, available today from L-Soft, provides visual email analytics, a key new tool for immediate, within-the-message visualisation of click rate data, which enables email marketers to boost conversion rates and increase sales by tailoring their messages based on real-time recipient responses.

The click-rate visualisation function in LISTSERV Maestro -- the only email marketing solution powered by the legendary LISTSERV® email list communication software -- provides marketers with instant results for all tracked links. Senders can see the percentage of recipients who clicked on each link as pie charts at the individual link locations within the message, resulting in a powerful eyemap-driven analytical tool for campaigns that work.

"Successful marketing requires a mixture of art and science: an abundance of creative energy at the front end and a lot of analysis at the back end, and of course, continuous improvement by applying the results of the analysis to the next creative. LISTSERV Maestro provides the tools for both aspects of email marketing, and the new features in LISTSERV Maestro 3.1 make those tools accessible to marketers across all levels of experience," said L-Soft Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Software Engineering, Françoise Becker.

For example, the LISTSERV Maestro A/B split testing with automatic random sampling makes it a breeze to determine which sender name and subject line maximises open-up rates, and then marketers can start testing message content aspects, with an eye to improving click-throughs to the links they want their subscribers to follow. By employing the visual email analytics feature, senders can easily see patterns regarding how placement on the page appears to influence where people click. Marketers can then use A/B testing to compare different layouts and further refine and perfect their messages for optimal results.

With the software’s ready-to-use message templates, senders can create professional-looking HTML newsletters without HTML coding by simply clicking on placeholders to fill the predefined areas with the text or images of their choosing. LISTSERV Maestro also allows organisations to create their own message templates.

"LISTSERV Maestro enables email marketers to capture successful designs for easy reuse. The packaged system templates bring the email design expertise of L-Soft's own marketing staff to jump-start those organisations that are new to email marketing," Becker said. "Although many organisations have professional web designers and communication specialists, designing email messages carries additional requirements. By starting with one of the templates, the novice email marketer and organisations without specially trained email designers can avoid some costly design pitfalls."

The entire array of design templates offers automatically generated text parts, key for today’s HTML viewing challenges. In addition, recipients can easily forward messages to friends, leading to important viral marketing, and LISTSERV Maestro can also track these forwards.

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