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Do take it personally - Nehmen Sie es persönlich

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In the old days before digital media dominated, newspapers and TV carried mass messages to mass audiences.

Today consumers are more savvy and more aware of how they connect with the rest of the world. Mass messages can still work, but consumers expect to you to know them.

The widespread use of digital media gives brands and advertisers the opportunity to not just tailor messages, but personalise experiences.

It’s a good idea to make messages and experiences personal. If you don’t, you might find your customers take it personally.

Chaired by Kate Barrett founder and director of Shina A Light Media, join Carolyn Corda, VP, Industry Strategy and Amit Deshpande, VP, Analytics from Epsilon as they take you through the travel industry, one of the first sectors to become fully digital, and where personalisation matters.

Holidays are important, and knowing whether your customers need a villa by the sea, a tent by the mountains, or just the flight to the airport matters.

Consumers are generally unhappy with the levels of personalisation they receive from brands. Epsilon will take you through the travel sector and show you how personalisation can work for you, but more importantly, for your customers.